About TechPlace

TechPlace is part of a joint effort by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and the City of McAllen to foster tech innovation and start-ups in an environment that promotes collaboration and risk taking in the tech sector. It is an open office and collaboration concept with workspace for start-ups and pre-launch ideas. A key commitment behind TechPlace is to develop an ecosystem that fosters ideas and provides resources and access. At the heart of that ecosystem is a culture that is comfortable with chaos, ambiguity, and failure. In other words: At TechPlace, you have permission to fail. The goal is to be a learning enterprise that adapts and changes with each new iteration.

An alternative to traditional commercial space, TechPlace provides individuals with a powerful operating platform, combining the best tech connectivity with spaces that are creative, beautiful and full of community. We are built for people - Come explore us today!

Where You Want to Be
All our space locations have creatively-charged environments centrally located in art, culture, and transportation hubs.
Our Modern Concept is simply stunning. Come take a tour and see for yourself.
Whether you're a start-up or an established business, our place will make ideas pop and create greatness.
Defined Space
Specialized office space designed to fit your business. Secure, dedicated offices fostering collaboration and teamwork.
Collaborative open spaces, unique common areas with the best tech environment and WiFi available.
Furniture, fixtures, power, tech. Eliminate wasted time, money and effort thinking about office space. Grow, shrink, succeed!
Communities and ecosystems that encourage daring thoughts, offer support, and enliven social interaction.